Member Help

A1 Why join Surveyhills?

A1 Why join Surveyhills?

After registration, members will have chances to receive survey invitations. We will reward members who carefully and authentically complete questionnaires with points (Points can exchange to cash). Meanwhile, we will irregularly organize online and off-line member activities to invite you to participate.

A2 How to become a member?

Fill in the resgistion information – activate your account by click the link in the acitivation email we sent you – pass our mannually check of your information, then you can be one of us!

A3 Conditions of registering for a member

According to current laws and regulations in research industry--only you are over 14 years old can you register as our members.

A4 Can I register more than once?

No. We don't allow participants to have two or more accounts in Vopinions. We don’t allow one participant to join the same survey repeatedly normally. Any participant who registered two or more accounts may be defined as a “cheater” and his/her total credits and membership would be cancelled until he/she gets only one account left.

A5 Will you contact me for more information?

Sometimes in order to judge whether you are suitable for our certain research project, we might contact you through e-mail to collect some more detailed information. These "attribute survey" often take only 1 minute to be finished. For example, if we need customers' opinions on certain cellphone brands, we would ask if you have one cellphone of this brand. Such simple questions may or may not add credits to your account because our clients would not pay us for this kind of questions. However, in line with our clients' evaluation criteria, you may soon be chosen to participate in the following fully-paid questionnaires.

A6 Will you protect the personal information I have provided?

Yes, we will. We establish our company on: integrity and quality. We promise you that without your personal permission, all your private information like password, phone number, and email will never be revealed to any third party.

A7 Can I recommend my friends or family members to register?

We welcome you to recommend more people to join us. Each time you successfully recommend a member to us we will rewardyou with some points.

A8 What if I fail to receive an activation email for registration?

After registration, if you fail to receive our activation email, please check your junk mailbox first to see if the mail vendor attributes our activation email to spam. Meanwhile, we suggest that you put our emails into the white list so that you can receive our invitation letters and urgent messages. Or you could change your mailbox into another commonly used E-mail address for registration, such as gmail.com and hotmail. If you still cannot receive our e-mail, please feel free to contact us.

B9 Why can't I access the survey?

1.If there is any problem on accessing the survey, please check your computer settings in the 2.following steps: 
3.Make sure your cookies are in active state; 
4.Make sure your ISP settings do not stop you from opening the questionnaires; 

A9 Could I cancel the membership?

Yes, it can be cancelled. You can also find the "cancel subscription" button in all the questionnaires you receive. You can also contact us via phone or e-mail.


B1 What is online survey?

B1 What is online survey?

We collect your opinions through online questionnaires. Enterprises need precise feedback from consumers. So they are willing to give some rewards to collect consumers' opinions through surveys online. Meanwhile, consumers can take part in the surveys in their spare time and get some rewards

B2 What is the attribute survey?

When you answer the questionnaire, please seriously and truthfully fill or choose according to your actual situation, otherwise we would put you to the blacklist, and deleting your account or your credits.

B3 Is there any requirements of filling in the questionnaire?

When you answer the questionnaire, please seriously and truthfully fill or choose according to your actual situation, otherwise the data would be treated as invalid data and deleting your credits.

B4 How can I be invited to take part in a survey?

Once you become a member of Vopinions, you will be endowed with the qualification to participate in the surveys. We will invite you to take part in our surveys through “the zone”(your member center), E-mails (or short messages / phone software). In most cases, invitations you receive to participate in certain surveys are set according to the requirements of a specific type designed by the researchers. And then, it may take some fortune for you to be selected to take part, for only 100 to 2000 people are needed for each survey project generally.

B5 Why I have never received any invitation to join any surveys?

Each questionaire has unique standards for choosing its participants. The more "attribute surveys" you have attended, the more likely you will be selected. If you have never received any invitation from us, it is most likely that all the emails we have sent to you have been passed to your junk mailbox or been blocked by your email vendor. Please check and put our address into the safe list of your email.

B6 Why do I get screen-out or full quota for surveys I could take part in?

The web surveys has certain quantitative restriction. Even if you are qualified, once you participate in late, it will pop out a window to inform you the quota is full. Meanwhile although the survey confirms the target criteria of the participant, when you join it, different survey has different screening requirements: for example whether you have a cell phone or not, what the brand is, and what is mostly used for, which may be the screening factors of questionnaires' valid samples. The qualification for sampling is just a primary procedure and not everyone invited can finish the survey successfully.

B7 My region or age is not in the scope of survey request, but why do I receive the survey invitation

Generally, surveys have the limits on region and age. At the beginning of the survey, we will send a survey invitation to each selected member, and when the number of the samples of certain regions and ages reaches the number we want during the survey, we will stop collecting these kinds of information. Quick response to the survey will help to reduce the occurence of such a situation. Please kindly understand us!

B8 Why do you invite me to participate in some surveys twice or more?

1. There are logical errors in the design of some questionnaires so we will reinvite you to participate after modification. 
2. To understand consumer behavior, we need to repeatedly provide participants with the same questionnaire. There won't be many changes in the questionnaire since we aim at studying the continuity of consumer behavior. 
3. We temporarily adjust quota to get more samples so we reinvite people who are eligible but were refused before.

B10 Why the actual time of answering the questionnaire is longer than prior noticed time?

1.The surveys are stored in the servers on the Internet, including some in the foreign servers. Different devices and storage environment are both the reasons that cause the inconsistency between the participating time of the survey and the needed time as published. 

2. Network conditions of the participant, including network speed and equipment configuration, are all main reasons that influence the speed of the network, since the duration of the questionnaire suggested by the system is tested under fine environment. 

B11 How can I avoid missing surveys?

1、 Log in the member system regularly.

2、 Check your E-mail of invitations regularly.

3、 Quick response

B12 Why do some surveys collect my contact information?

We have signed confidential contract with our clients for this kind of surveys, meanwhile we will remind you when you begin with the questionnaire or finish it. And it is up to you to make a decision whether to participate or not. If clients let out your privacy to the third party, according to the contract, they will be investigated for legal responsibility.

B13 Why can’t I return to my member center after the survey?

Such situation is very rare. Possible reasons are as follows:

1. The internet may be unstable.

C1 How the rewards are set for each survey.

We will set the rewards according to the difficulty of quota, the duration of the survey and the incidence rate of the target population. Generally speaking, no matter whether you successfully complete the survey, we still will reward you for the time you spend with us.

C2 Redemption

When your account balance reaches a certain amount (1Point=0.01USD, $10 USD as the minimum amount for redemption). You can apply for the redemption, we will redeem the balance in your account into the money of the country which you are in according to the exchange rate on the day which you submit your application (except some special countries). Usually we will do the payment within 15 working days, but delays may happen under some special circumstances.

C3 Why do I fail to get rewards even if I finished the survey?


The reasons may be as follows:

1.Your time of answering the questionnaire is too short. According to the industry standard, we will judge it as invalid data if the time you spend on the survey is too short.


2. The questions of the questionnaires generally have several types as: single choice, multiple choices, grid scoring, video, voice and picture.

C4 Why didn't my reward add after I recommended others to be members?

We will strictly review the information of our members and any information provided by any members should be real and valid. The reason why your points have not increased is probably that we find the information is not real.

C5 Why don't I receive any cash after redemption?

The major reasons for the failure in receiving payment after redemption as followed: 
1. Your collection account is not correct. 
2. After you have applied for redemption, your points are deducted for some reasons (see above) . We will stop paying you until we have well arranged the points of your account.

C6 The authenticity of registered information will influence the redemption

The information of registration to be a member should be authentic and valid. We hope that you could fill the actual information after serious consideration and we ensure you that all your information will not be disclosed to others, so again we would like to ask you to fill in your actual personal information.